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DC Monitoring and Maintenance

YW-J200 Insulation on-line monitoring of DC system

YW-J200 Can detect all kinds of DC system insulation faults,such as the grounding fault,the insulation falling,the state of the loop, the AC fleeing into DC fault,the DC looped network,and so on.

Functional features

(1) Real time monitoring AC and DC voltage of the system.

(2) Real time monitoring system for insulation and alarm.

(3) Real-time monitoring shows the loop leakage current.

(4) Detailed fault history can be consulted.

(5) Detection of DC system to the size of the distributed capacitance.

(6) testing the AC fleeing into DC selection and alarm.

(7) testing the DC fleeing into DC selection and alarm.

(8) Function of Voltage balance.

(9) Function of battery loop circuit monitoring and grounding fault Point Location.

(10) Configuration of different caliber of the open-loop and closed-loop DC sensor,Suitable for a variety of complex site construction.

(11) Master-slave operation mode,Multi-machine parallel operation without affecting each other.

(12) Provides a variety of communication protocols,Can communicate with all kinds of monitoring devices.

Main Specifications

(1) Suitable for DC system voltage level:220V,110V,48V,24V or according to user requirements.

(2) DC voltage measurement range:0300V,

(3) AC voltage measurement range:0300V,

(4) System insulation measurement range:0999.9kΩ,

(5) System distributed capacitance measurement range:0-999uF,

(6) DC mutual channeling measurement range:200kΩ.

(7) Branch insulation measurement range:220V:0-500kΩ 110V:0-200kΩ,48V:0-60kΩ,24V:0-30kΩ,

(8) Branch accuracy measurement range:-100mA--+100mA,

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